Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Zuda Experience

Welcome all, for those who don't know: Jonah Henry doesn't like most people. As a matter of fact, they just plain disgust him. In the year 2057, folks have just gotten too lazy for a hardworking, hammer-slinger like him. With no family and no friends, Jonah only really cares about two people in his world, Evelyn, his landlord, and her six-year-old daughter, Pollie. When Jonah returns late one night to find a group of gussied-up men beating Evelyn, he stumbles upon a conspiracy that could destroy all mankind. Unable to save her, Jonah feels duty-bound to grant Evelyn her last wish -- deliver her daughter and their tiny kitten Beebee to the only man she trusts, the father that ostracized her years ago. As the entire city collapses on Jonah and his young charges, he finds himself pounding his way through futuristic assassins and killer robots. Prepare yourself for all-out war as a man entrenched in the ways of the past fights against all the technology the future can muster.

Hammer Sound is an online webcomic that was created by Doug Wagner (writer), Evan Bryce (artist) and Vinh-Luan Luu (letterer).

We absolutely want to continue this story, so please sign up and vote here.

It's a big opportunity for us; winners get a year long, paid contract and a nationally distributed publication with possible toy/movie/etc. options because Zuda is part of DC Comics, which is owned by Warner Bros.

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