Thursday, October 16, 2008

New art!

We really want new content to show here, rather than just old sketch stuff or doing wallpapers from old things. Luan and I always loved in old cartoons where between commercials or in art books you'd see full illustrations by creators that are fun, and usually are out of the normal context, but still show the nature of the characters. I colored this one.

I haven't ever had too many people color my work so far, it's just been that not many people have had the time to. So seeing this, and seeing it done so amazingly well made my day. This piece was colored by my great friend Jake Ekiss. Check out his site if you get a chance!

This is an homage to My Neighbor Totoro with Johah, Pollie Ann, and Beebee. I used ink wash for the characters, acrylics for the background (watered down in some areas), and a japanese white pentel scrapbooking pen for the rain (smudged it while wet with my fingers to get the splashy effects).

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